Studio News
June 17, 2013
Bodrugan Barton

An amazing place, dating back before the Norman invasion. The oldest structure left dates to 1639. I spent sometime painting one of the old barns. You can feel the ages and wonder about all the people that have tread before. Here is a sequence, with the barn and 3 stages of painting.





May 18, 2013


I always have a camera and sketch pad in tow on my wanderings. Recently, I was at the beach and snapped a photo to jog my memory. Later that night I did a quick painting in my sketchbook so I can later develop it into a full studio painting. Above is the photo and painting sketch.

The beginning of thoughts and sketches

As this is my very first entry, I thought I would introduce you to my world.

Our world is an amazing place. It is full of energy, colorful light and shadow, music and sound, laughter and sadness for all beings great and small. As an artist my journey navigates our world on a visual path. I look at the leaves of a tree and I see light patterns and a spectrum of colors. Faces pass by and I see expressions in the slight wrinkle of the brow or twinkle of the eye.

As I grow as an artist I continue to strive to inspire thoughts and emotions when looking my paintings. But I want each person to have their own interpretation. When I started many years ago as an illustrator, my paintings were to communicate a specific story as was needed by the assignment. But now I want to leave the paintings open-ended so you the viewer can create your own tale.

In the months to come, I will be posting thoughts, sketches, photos and links that express my view of the world in hopes that it will inspire you to ponder and comment your own thoughts.